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EcoweCo Card

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Only by knowing why then we can make people think about how the choices they make on a daily basis affects the environment. By saying so, Penang Green Council aims to make thinking about this fun! 

This EcoweCo. card game is an interactive card game for all – kids and adults of all ages. It encourages observation, responsiveness and interaction amongst players. The name EcoweCo. was inspired by its objective to spread eco-friendly methods in our daily lives. The “weCo.” stands for “we Collaborate, Cooperate, Contribute and Coexist”. These are the 4 main pillars in tackling environment and climate crisis.

We hope this game will expand the understanding of environmental concepts, and reinforce development, whilst assisting players in learning as you play!

How to play?

  • Consists of 2 types of cards: “Picture Cards” and “Reading Cards”
  • The “Picture Cards” will be laid on the ground evenly whilst the players will take turns (or just one person) to read out the “Reading Cards” placed in a pile in the middle faced-down. 
  • Snap the “Picture Cards” and “Reading Cards”:

- By alphabets at the corner of the “Picture Cards” to the first letter of the “Reading Cards”, eg.: for the letter “A”- ‘Always Say “no” to Plastic Bags. You can refuse them when you shop’ 

- By words, eg.: Sustainable Development - Development without affecting future generations

  • Snap the cards with their right match. Whoever collects the most WINS!

Players recommendation:

Kids and adults. Minimum 2 players. Ideally 3 players and above


EcoweCo. comes in a compact packaging and portable to be brought along anywhere anytime. 

Box size: 13.5cm (L) x 9cm (W) x 2.5cm(H) 

Card size: 8.5cm (L) x 6cm (W)

Total number of cards: 81

Care instructions:

Store in dry and shaded places. 

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